The Watson Hat

The Watson Hat

I know this will be a shocking development, but….I knit up another hat. Finished it last night. Roo and I are rewatching Sherlock, and I knit most of this while watching Watson get married and then become a widower. Poor guy. He’s been through a lot. Also Roo and I agree that Molly remaining single is just a travesty, because that girl is a catch.

I really like basic knitting recipes that I can reproduce over and over, adding my own little embellishments whenever I feel like. I enjoy knowing that I can just pick up my favorite needles (which we should really write as kneedles) and just grab a ball of yarn and go to town. I’m emphatically not trying to say that gauge swatches are useless or shouldn’t happen: for some projects you’re doing yourself a huge favor and learning a lot by making one (and in many cases not making one is tantamount to self-sabatoge). But I really like knowing that there are some projects where I can just pick up, cast on, and stitch away while I watch a movie or listen to a podcast or audiobook, or sit in some waiting room somewhere. I’ll make a post here in a bit that has my basic hat recipe.

I am going to try stranded colorwork soon. Just working up the nerve.

This is my favorite hat so far, I think. It’s close to The Salmon Hat, but the brim is wider, and the crown was more nicely done. I like this style because it’s warm, easy to wear, easy to embellish, looks great on most people, and having that long brim means you can adjust the length to easily fit variations in head length. It’s simple to stuff in a pocket, too, no bobbles or pom-poms to bulk it up. Certainly this colorway won’t get lost at the bottom of a bag. My friend is looking for a safety cap to wear while hiking in areas where hunting happens, this might be a good hat for her!

I used my usual Size 4’s with this, and the yarn is Noro Kureyon. I scored two 50 gram skeins for $5 each, and so this hat works out to about $8. I used one skein plus roughly 60% of the next skein. I’m saving leftover yarn for use in some other wacky yarn scrap hat to be made later. For years I’ve heard about how wonderful Noro is, and at first I used to wonder how any yarn could be that amazing, but then I got a skein, and yeah, it’s that amazing. These two skeins I got on sale were the only Noro on the sale table, and I wasn’t even that crazy about the colors by themselves, but something about how they were put together sucked me in, and yeah, I totally love this hat.

Finn was having none of it today.