Plausible ways in which I will likely die as an old woman

It’s important to write as an old woman, because you don’t want the universe getting any ideas. And while we’re on the topic of my particular brand of lunacy, I will point out that Folklore, as an academic field, also includes the study of superstitions, and the very fine and intelligent people who believe in […]

Watney Biscuits Trial #2: I am not pleased

Day 4, Trial 2 of The Biscuit Chronicles (every attempt takes two days, thus why this is taking forever and slowly sucking out every biscuit-appreciating atom left in my body) has yielded these little assholes: Are you kidding me? I stayed up until midnight last night (okay admittedly that wasn’t hard, I continued to stay […]

These Mark Watney sourdough biscuits are not quite right

Leeloo, my first sourdough starter of 2020, has died, god rest her multitudinous bacterial soul. We tried to stick her in the fridge a few months ago to put her in hypersleep while we slogged our way stressfully through the election season, but she didn’t make it. A perfect being, indeed! But that’s okay, because […]

The Watson Hat

I know this will be a shocking development, but….I knit up another hat. Finished it last night. Roo and I are rewatching Sherlock, and I knit most of this while watching Watson get married and then become a widower. Poor guy. He’s been through a lot. Also Roo and I agree that Molly remaining single […]

The Aracorn Hat

The name is a portmanteau of Aragorn and corn, as this hat was finished mere minutes after we ended The Return of the King, and it looks like Flint corn (rainbow corn). The yarn is Malabrigo Mecha, in the colorway Archo Iris, and I love it to bits. It’s soft as heck, just butter through […]

The Salmon Hat

Insert obligatory hand-wringing about blogging, here: It’s such a pain in the ass! I have such a terribly inconsistent history with it! I have made no fewer than a dozen blogs and abandoned them all, I can’t imagine why anyone would read them anymore, and indeed I hear blogs are dead anyway. Because now we […]

Masks! Here are my notes:

A lot of people are asking how I’m making my masks. Here’s some information! (If you’re wondering why I’m making masks? I wrote a post on Medium here, but as far as I can tell it has zero traffic, I should just re-post it on the blog). The pattern I’m using: I’m working with the […]

A few things to do when you're stuck at home

I made a list of things I might want to do, and pretty soon it grew into something I figured might be useful to share with friends. Here you go! Chilling out when the stress gets to be too much: My husband Greg got me hooked on this wildly charming YouTube channel called Doggie Corgi. […]


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