Masks! Here are my notes:

A lot of people are asking how I’m making my masks. Here’s some information! (If you’re wondering why I’m making masks? I wrote a post on Medium here, but as far as I can tell it has zero traffic, I should just re-post it on the blog). The pattern I’m using: I’m working with the […]

A few things to do when you're stuck at home

I made a list of things I might want to do, and pretty soon it grew into something I figured might be useful to share with friends. Here you go! Chilling out when the stress gets to be too much: My husband Greg got me hooked on this wildly charming YouTube channel called Doggie Corgi. […]

Recumbent trike, new trail

This is the best day I’ve had in a while, and I’m incredibly grateful for it. The news has been so overwhelmingly bad over the last few weeks, and everyone has been under so much stress. The adults in our family all notice that we’re exhausted, even though not that much is going on at […]

The Artist's Box Top

I made my first test version of the Artist’s Box Top from Artist Made Patterns in a light quilting cotton. It turned out great! Super successful test, will definitely be making more. I’ve made a couple of these easy t-shirt-like tops before out of wovens from different patterns. Inevitably, even when the pattern was designed […]

And now: books.

Hello, fellow stuck-in-your-homes friends! I hope everyone is managing okay with the stresses we’re all experiencing. Our little family is doing pretty well. The introverts are squirreled away with their books and games, and the one extrovert is online with a dozen of his gaming buddies. Thankfully there are lots of projects here to distract […]

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