The Artist's Box Top

I made my first test version of the Artist’s Box Top from Artist Made Patterns in a light quilting cotton. It turned out great! Super successful test, will definitely be making more.

I’ve made a couple of these easy t-shirt-like tops before out of wovens from different patterns. Inevitably, even when the pattern was designed for a woven fabric, the fit felt off and the top was uncomfortable. Often the neck hole was way too wide. A neckline for a 2X or 3X person doesn’t have to be two or three times larger than a regular size. The test shirts I made would constantly slide off one shoulder, and the mid-section often felt binding. I would have to yank to keep the shirt on my shoulders and yank to keep it from pinching my middle. Bahhh. No.

Happy to say, this top doesn’t have that problem! I’ve noticed such a big difference in patterns for curvy bodies when the designer is also a curvy person. I wish this wasn’t a thing, but it is. But the pattern isn’t complex at all, it’s dead easy. Just two pieces! Sew them together. For the sleeves and the bottom you just roll up twice, press, and seam. For the neck, you use a half-inch facing. So simple.

I’ve wondered whether a woven top like this, if I found the right pattern, could ever compete with my beloved collection of t-shirts. I love t-shirts but I get tired of how fast they die, and knowing that so many of them are products of fast fashion just makes it worse. Yesterday I tried wearing my new Box Top under a long-sleeved t-shirt, and then under a hoodie. It felt fine! Wasn’t uncomfortable or stiff, didn’t feel too binding. So cool! I bet one of these made out of linen or rayon would feel amazing and drape like a dream.

In the illustration below, you can see that she made an option for a ruffle version. Apparently there’s a nifty dress hack where you just make that ruffle longer, and voila, a dress! I’m going go try that on a dress for my 15-year-old daughter, who really wants a “traipsing dress”. We were talking once about how we love old style country dresses, that “make you want to traipse through the fields collecting flowers”. That’s when we decided to call our future project a traipsing dress. I think this could make a great traipsing dress!

4 thoughts on “The Artist's Box Top

      1. are there bust darts? I mean, I hate doing them, but they do seem to help with the shaping. So I’m fine with your answer either way. 😀


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