And now: books.

Hello, fellow stuck-in-your-homes friends! I hope everyone is managing okay with the stresses we’re all experiencing. Our little family is doing pretty well. The introverts are squirreled away with their books and games, and the one extrovert is online with a dozen of his gaming buddies. Thankfully there are lots of projects here to distract me from my habit of over-focusing on the news.

You might remember that I wrote a little farewell-to-blogging post at the end of last summer (2019). It’s still viewable, I think.

I was doing fine, happily not blogging, until I suddenly got into making books. This isn’t the first time; I took a bookbinding class once, years ago. Somewhere in Seattle, somewhere in the 90’s. I enjoyed it, but I only made a few. I wasn’t obsessed.

A few weeks ago I took a class here in Eugene, this time using coptic stitch binding and paper-covered Davey board covers. I was in a total state of flow the whole class. It was blissful. And now I’m pretty sure I have to make, oh I don’t know, maybe a hundred more.

Bookbinding, as it turns out, isn’t the most common hobby, so I’ve had trouble finding much to do with it locally. There’s a lot online, however, which is great. Being that I hope to participate in the wider online bookbinding community, sharing photos and tips and such, I figured I’d make a little spot in which to put pictures and notes about what I’m making.

I added “fabric” into the title both because I hope to create a lot of homemade book cloth, and because I’m still sewing on the side; another obsession that never died. I should probably stop finding undying obsessions. There’s only so much room.

Here’s the book I made at the class I just took. I used some handmade paper that I bought at Oregon Art Supply, and purple waxed linen thread.

I decided to use this book as a place to put all my notes on, you guessed it: book binding. I’m the person who can’t follow a pattern or recipe, I always end up tweaking it somehow. Sometimes I regret it, but often I’m very happy with the results. The problem is that I routinely fail to write down my spontaneous modifications. I’m going to use this notebook as a place to collect all that info up as a I go along. Next post: Book No. 2.

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